We are proud of the consistent high quality of our products, it is our competitive advantage. The plywood manufactured at our plants is an export level product that complies with the requirements of FSC, CARB and СЕ certification. We value our customers and partners. And we are glad to offer the most convenient terms of mutually beneficial collaboration. Product range:
  • INT birch plywood 1525x1525 mm
  • EXT birch plywood 1525x3025 mm
  • Filmfaced birch plywood 1525x3025 mm

Sawn timber

We can offer  Spruce and Pine of the maximum moisture content of 16-20%, i.e. dried wood which is primarily used in construction market. We also offer Birch timber (lumber) which is mostly used  in furniture industry. All standard dimensions are available:

  • Cutting dimensions :16/75 x 75/250mm
  • Lengths:3000/6000 mm
  • We export FRESH cut and kiln dried KD wood 10-18% +/-2
  • Quality grades:ABCD made from fresh
  • MOQ: 1000m3 and up. Good quality, produced with circular saw equipment.

Bed frames and supports

The company started its activities with
parts for beds, we are a major supplier of diverse modifications of bed slats and frames. Optional sanded or colour paper available.


More then 17 years now Our company has been delivering Biofuel to our clients. We are importing and buying local raw matterial. We are able to supply wide range of biofuel products:
  • WOOD PELLETS 15kg + BIG BAGS quality EN A1 + industrial 
  • Straw and sunflower pellets 
  • KILN DRIED FIREWOOD Small crate, BIG crate, mesh bags.